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By omrylahav
started playing for a week now and still having a hard time with chord transitioning, any tips? i know its about progress and training but i just cant complete the chord section in the yousician app
By johnmosley
Measure your progress in months and years, not weeks! It all takes time, keep practicing!
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By a4212008
Hello! There is no need to worry that something is hard for you. A lot of practice is needed to improve your skills, and if you put enough effort, then you will succeed. I've been taking my guitar lessons for your month for now, and I can say that only now I can see that my skills improve. I never thought that playing the guitar is not that easy. And have you already bought a guitar? I purchased mone only a few days ago because I borrowed the one from my friend to practice. When I was looking for a guitar to buy, I came across many articles where people wrote a review, but for a beginner, it was written to complicated to understand. This review https://bestelectricguitars.reviews/ helped me to found my first electric guitar. The info and reviews are written detailed but in understandable words. Also, you can compare all the pros and cons and make your choice. That review helped me a lot, and I hope that it will also help someone who is looking for a guitar to buy.

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