Having difficulties with Yousician Guitar? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By MarkB

Mustang I v2 works really well.

Usb to Pc . Pc Audio out to Mustang aux in.

BUT you have to go into audio settings on pc and "show all devices" for some reason windows hides the mustang. Once you do that Yousician picks it up right away.

By Antmax
rimscrimley wrote:Having a lot of trouble with recognition.

I am using a Neewer USB Link Cable (http://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Guitar-Cab ... dp_product) on the recommendation of somebody from Reddit.

After plugging into my Macbook Air, I was able to select the input from the settings menu. About half of the chords/notes I play are detected correctly.

I checked the tuning with the app and played with the volume on my guitar, but to no avail. I ran Garageband in the background to see what was getting transmitted, and noticed a long ~.5 second delay.

Any ideas?

I'm the guy that recommended the Neemer USB to Guitar cable as a cheap interface on Reddit. On there you said you later tried it on the PC and it worked great.
With most of these USB cable type interfaces. You really need to use ASIO drivers to keep latency down. On the PC ASIO4ALL works very well with that cable and the rocksmith realtone cable.

But I don't know what you would use with Mac. It doesn't look like ASIO4ALL is available for Mac which has it's own audio streaming in the OS. Which might have been the problem since Apple often have their own proprietary standards that aren't compatible with many third party products. I did do a quick bit of research but basically came up with a blank since all the threads asking about ASIO for Mac just got told they don't need it.
By K.kolokasides
Hello I am would like to go from my E-guitar to my marshall amp, and from my iphone to marshall amp too, and then go out to my headphones.
How Yousician will listen to me?
By Jeckstadt
Boss micro BR 80 on Windows works great out of the box with the original Drivers and also with ASIO Drivers
By Antmax
Line 6 Spider V 60 works well with it's full range speakers and shows up as an ASIO device in Yousician . Master volume controls the game audio including backing track. Equalizer volume controls your guitar volume.

The Spider V 60 and higher models are wireless ready and Yousician works flawlessly with the G10T transmitter attached to the guitar.
By 76IbanezV
I find that the iRig Pro DUO also will work as a PC interface for Yousician. It must be set to the Windows Audio driver instead of ASIO driver. I think it is the only iRig for PC as well as Mac and iOS.
By cheeza
Does anyone know if Focusrite interfaces work with Yousician on the iPad? (For example with the CC-Kit)
Or are there any other mobile interfaces that work except the irig series?
By quakeman
I haven't seen anyone with this kind of setup so I figured I'd post it.

Sonic Port VX, Line Out to Amp, USB to MacBook

I use the 1/8 inch jack on the Macbook to output Yousician's music to my old stereo, which sounds a lot better than the computer's little speakers.

While running Yousician, I also run the Tonebridge guitar effects app. It allows you to search for an effects setup based on many, many songs. My guitar signal that goes out to the amp is processed by Tonebridge. This allows me to change the sound of the guitar based on the great variety of songs in Yousician.

The only trick I've seen is that you have to make sure the input is from the VX, not the computer's microphones.
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