Having difficulties with Yousician Guitar? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By DDiceDD
I worked on the Weekly challenge with the iPad version of Yousician this morning and had a serious issue with the audio and video "Hiccuping/Pausing/Skipping" every 10 or so measures. This happened on all the Weekly Challenge Songs. I am using an iPad 2.

Every once in awhile I will see this on the iPad version of GB, but it is random in nature. This was a very regular hiccup in Yousician.

For troubleshooting, I closed Yousician and ALL other programs in memory. Then I shut down the iPad fully and re-started. I only ran Yousician again and the problem still exists.

This looks like a software buffer problem!?!? The iPad 2 doesn't have as much memory as the newer models. I have seen weird problems in other games that the developers said they solved through more efficient memory usage on the iPad 2.
By ChefMmmm
Today I was having the same problem on my pc. Never had the issue before but at some points the screen would skip/pause making it impossible to play along. The song played normally. I have 8 gb Ram, and a digidesign interface so I know that it isn't a local memory issue.
By Jonu
And this happens only on weekly challenges?
By DDiceDD
Nope. Just saw this in Fancy Chords "Free Wheelin'" too.
By lawtlm
I am experiencing the same problems when I play the app on my IPad. It will skip randomly on various songs. Does anyone know a solution?
By matt31084
I know this is an old topic, but I am still experiencing this issue on my iPad 2. It really makes it difficult to make progress and nearly impossible to get perfect. I subscribed for a month to test it out before I bought a year subscription. If this isn't fixed, I doubt I'll be buying the yearly subscription.
By desht
I am also seeing this on the iPad 2. I'm a recent convert from GB and I never saw this problem there. As a premium user, I very much hope this gets resolved, since I like Yousician a lot otherwise.
By Refractions
I used to have the same issue on my iPad2. but the last update sorted it. Suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the app?
By DDiceDD
Played again this morning on my iPad 2. The original problem that prompted this post was solved with the last update. There are still small minor pauses and glitches in the timing at random intervals during the song. Usually not bad enough to entirely screw you up (like the first problem) but still annoying while you are playing and trying to get a "Perfect" on all notes. I'm not sure that you can entirely eliminate this on an iPad 2 especially if you have a lot of apps installed on your device. iOS probably isn't that great at multi-tasking, and there is lots of processing going on in the background for notifications, push email, etc. It would be interesting to play Yousician in "Flight Mode" to eliminate notifications... oh wait, it doesn't support off-line mode yet... :ugeek:

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