Having difficulties with Yousician Guitar? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By Riseman
Sometimes game stalls or skips a couple of fraction of a second during a song. throws off timing and score. Terribly anoying if you care about the feedback function or playing in time.
By Refractions
Yeah, I am finding the same on an iPad 2, just purchased a iPad 3 specifically for this app.
By andrew.ys.bells
Thanks for the feedback, we have received a few requests about the issue, it's currently being fixed. Stay tuned!
By Refractions
Yeah, sad to say this also happens on my iPad 3 :( Hope there is an update soon as its really putting me off :(
By alewis41
This is happening on my iPad Mini also. Version 8.3 (12F69). It's the only thing I don't like about the software.
By Refractions
Is there any update on this issue yet? Skipping more and more with my iPad. Starting to dislike this product :(
By Prju68
I agree I am getting seriously frustrated by this product. Its a great concept and I like the lessons, but the bugs make it more frustrating than trying to get my fingers in the right place. Just as soon as you think you are doing it right the damn thing jumps. If you add to that the ability for it to actually recognise your playing on iOS is poor. I don't trust it when it gives me possitives as I have had plenty for notes that I didnt even play.

On top of that the support is terrible. I think these forums have been read once in 2 weeks, and after two emails the support team stop responding. My subscription is paying for this, and I expect a working product, and a decent level of support when it doesnt.
By andrew.ys.bells
Hi guys! We are still waiting for the updates from Unity on the iOS issue. We would not like to put blame on someone else, but cannot do much until they fix it, sorry for that!

Prju68, thanks for the feedback about support. We do read the forum every day, but probably not during the weekend ;-)
By teqiwi
Same problem on my Samsung Note 10 and my Samsung Galaxy S5 K Zoom.
Basically renders the app unusable because this in a MUSIC trainer so timing in integral to the experience.
Very disappointed.
All the marketing drivel and a clearly undeveloped product that y ou practically force us to pay you for?
By andrew.ys.bells
Hi guys! The game has been updated recently. The iOS update is out today! We addressed the skipping issue as well as general sound recognition problems in the new update alongside with other problems some people reported. Please let us know about your current experience with Yousician :-)

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