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By overBORED
On the 13th of may I subscribed to the premium plan and got charged for the whole year.

I e-mailed you guys but you won't reply!

You refunded me the money and then took it right back out of my account. What's going on?

I'm on the phone with my bank right now, maybe they'll help me out.
Hi overBORED,

The yearly plan is charged as "lump sum" in the beginning of the billing period (much like as semesters are billed in music schools). The longer commitment and upfront payment gives us chance to offer good discount on the monthly price. This is also stated in the subscription page.

See here more info about the plans and billing: https://yousician.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ ... ling-works

Please PM me your email address and username, so that we can take a closer look at the situation.

I fail to see the logic in offering a monthly plan and then charging for a whole year.

Please help me understand this;

A yearly plan is cheaper and is charged lump sum. But I don't want to pay yearly, I'd rather pay more, but pay in monthly instalments. Yet, you charge me for the whole year and tell me it's a deal. I don't want your deal. I can afford to pay in monthly instalments. Then why force me to take an option I don't want?

I've been through the forum and you have one constant reply which points people to the YEARLY plan. When I'm NOT talking about the YEARLY, but the MONTHLY.

As much as I love the service you provide. I would like a refund. Your plans make no sense what-so-ever. And your customer service is downright horrible.
Hi overBORED,

Thanks for the feedback! I have replied to your ticket directly. Hope the issue is settled.

I checked our system entires associated with your account. I can clearly see that you've chosen the yearly option when purchasing account and that is why you have been charged for the yearly plan, not for monthly. We do not force anyone to buy yearly subscription, even though it's cheaper; apparently it is totally up to our users whether to buy monthly or yearly or not to buy at all :-)

For your reference:

Monthly billing is 19.99 per month, charged monthly: https://yousician.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ ... nthly-plan
Yearly billing is 9.99 per month, charged lump sum: https://yousician.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ ... early-plan
Ive been emailing and I never get a response. I want a refund asap, I was under the impression that the subscription was a monthly payment not a one time installment. It never said that. I want a refund please. I'd appreciate if I could actually talk to someone. Thank you.
So I bought the Yousician premium and while I was paying money it said that it will cost 9,99 per month. Now I looked at my money and it sais that Yousician took 119,99 euros from me. Here in your last message it sais that money can be refunded in 14 days and I haven't been using Yousician since the bought because I was sick. The only thing i have done is cancelled my subsription for next year through the web.

Your message bellow.

"You have given Yousician approval that the subscription payment can be refunded only within 14 days since the day your subscription started and only if you have not used the product during the 14-day period."

Please write me back and tell me if you can refund the money, thanks. 

My e-mail : edvinaskumslytis12345678910112@gmail.com
By jacobgsmith
There was no way for me to sign up without the automatic renewal and I did not cancel my subscription on time and so a $120 payment hit my paypal… is there anyway for me to get my money back? I cancelled my subscription after it hit my account.
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