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Some of these tactics border on credit card fraud. The attorney general in california, have been directed to take a look at these on line companies, especially that originate from outside the uniter states. Obviously compliance FDIC laws possibly being violated. The internet basically remain out of control, VISA...not stepping up to the plate and allowing a Rouge situation. The clamp need to be tighten down. :o That being said, you need to read disclosure carefully involving subscriptions. You almost need to be a lawyer these days, and even with that background, you still get nailed. Just a matter of time they screw the wrong person, and their ability to use visa will be threaten to be taken down...stay tuned.
By adityanarayan948
I signed up for a free trial and that ended on 21st March, 2019. As soon as I saw I'd been charged for the yearly premium, I sent a request asking for my subscription to be cancelled (I wanted to cancel it anyway, but failed to do so within the trial). My subscription now stands cancelled, but I need a refund too, since it's well within your 14-day period. Has that been initiated?
The yearly plan is charged as "lump sum" in the beginning of the billing period (much like as semesters are billed in music schools). The longer commitment and upfront payment gives us chance to offer good discount on the monthly price. This is also stated in the subscription page.
Hello I'm wondering if anyone could help me, I subscribed to Yousician a year or two ago but not been on it for a while until today tried to log in and it says I don't have an account but then I go to my bank account and its been continuously coming out my bank, 3 days ago was this month's bill. What do I do I've tried to contact them?
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