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For guitar lead level 2, Fretboard Workout: Robot City - basic melody, the instructions are "This tune uses 2nd position in Parts 1 and 3, and shifts to 1st position in Parts 2 and 4. Hold each note for its full duration." I see that if I do it via missions. I don't see it if I do it via guided lesson. Looks like a bug to me? Or am I supposed to figure that out some other way?
Each of the exercises are graduated building upon the skills gained in the previous lessons.
I find that the also utilize skills gained from the other paths also.
I find it is a good idea to complete the paths at the same rate.
This will ensure you are able to understand most instructions much easier.
I have just started my level 7 paths and feel confident enough to say that you may also find that slowing things down in practice mode and using the correct fingers , as indicated by the colours will hopefully eventually lead to a better understanding also
For those having issue with the app I have had no problems and do it daily and get lots of compliments on how much my guitar playing has improved :D
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