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By Manowar6709
I tell about Yousician - PC version for Windows.
When I start the program and use Fullscreen mode, how to close Yousician window correctly?
Yes, I can to press "Alt + Tab", program will minimize and then I will close it. But is it correctly? I think no.
In my opinion, Yousician in the fullscreen mode must have a popup menu (it appear after right-click of mouse) with the command "Exit"
By f3flight
+1 for "Exit" option in menu - I have to disable fullscreen each time I want to close the app.

Btw alt+tab + close is totally ok since it's basically the same action as clicking on X window button.
By Manowar6709
It seems that the administrators do not read this post ...
Hi Manowar6709, thanks for the feedback, I did read this post, but you have basically answered your question already. Unfortunately there are no other options for exiting the fullscreen mode other than alt+tab + close or unticking the "fullscreen" box in Settings --> Game--> Resolutions.

That's not very convenient indeed and we definitely should fix that!
By alanudi
It's very easy, simply press ALT+F4.

Yes, it's dumb that there's no way to actually close the app from within the app. It's a user experience issue. They're treating it like a mobile app.

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