Having difficulties with Yousician Guitar? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By omidfi
Hi There!

I have been using Yousician on desktop for some time now, and most of the times, when I'm looking at the screen and playing the guitar, I feel dizzy and feel like I'm going to throw up! Has anyone experienced such a thing?
Today I noticed maybe the animation in the background is causing this.

The moving balls in the background I mean

Is this only me?
By p90player
You are getting motion sick.

You could try an over the counter aid but who wants to do that. You can also try the following:

Play in Short Bursts With Short Rests To Help Build Resistance
Dont Think About Getting Sick
Don't Eat or Drink before Playing
Change the Lighting You Normally Play In To Opposite Lighting (example; if you play in the dark, play in bright light)
Sit Further Back Especially If Your Screen is Large
By brizzly
I have the same problem when i play on my big tv, i had to go back to the little screen on the laptop, motion sickness went away.

Also it would be nice to get rid of that bright yellow, it is very hard to read the texts that are displayed on top sometimes. ( i wish there was an option for no animated background, it's distracting).

thank you !
By rogue_code
brizzly wrote: Also it would be nice to get rid of that bright yellow, it is very hard to read the texts that are displayed on top sometimes. !
This, so much this! Fortunately it doesn't last very long (maybe 5-10 seconds?), but I much prefer the darker color scheme for the background that you get in practice mode.
By pbeens
I asked for an option quite a while ago to turn the animated background off but my request was ignored. It's nice to see that I'm not the only person affected by this.
By tweettopix
I also feel a little bit "sick". I don't know if this depends on the (speed of the) song, because I don't have this problem always. Sometimes I have to pause every few minutes or I try to memorise parts so I don't have to look at the screen. I'm curious if an option to switch to a simple look would help.
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