Having difficulties with Yousician Bass? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
I play an electric/acoustic bass guitar. In acoustic mode, using the microphone on either my laptop or iPad, Yousician constantly pops up errors about my bass being in tune, even if I tune it right then using the app or my dedicated tuner. However, if I plug the bass in using the electric output and an iRig, then the app doesn't seem to find any problem with the tuning. So something in the more complicated sound of the acoustic through the mic seems to confuse the app into thinking it is out of tune? But it makes it unusable acoustically, which is too bad.
Following up on ylly's comment, I tried on my laptop running a monitor line from my home studio, it works fine with the bass mic'ed up with an SM58 or a cheap condensor mic at ~16" from the soundhole (and of course, as I said before, fine through the pickup and iRig on the iPad or through an amp and built in mic). And my scores went up dramatically as well, so it was definitely not picking up some of my notes. My Nexus phone did much better with the built in mic but was still borderline unusable.

For interest, I also tried a uBass and had no luck except through the pickup (not surprisingly, it's very quiet) but did have good luck acoustically with the external mic setup.

I still don't understand, though, how microphone quality could make the app think the sound is out of tune. I can imagine the onboard ipad mic not picking up the low fundamental and getting stronger signals from the overtones or harmonics, since it is so human voice biased, but I would think those would simply come across as a wrong note if tracked, rather than the correct note but out of tune. I get that the acoustic sound is much more complex than the clean tone from the pickup, but I just am surprised.

So I guess I'll leave it at that... my hopes of using a simple wireless setup of just an EAB and a tablet for Yousician are dashed, you need either an external mic or pickup/iRig/headphones combo. I guess that's probably just a limitation of the abilities of the microphones on the devices I own (perhaps the newest generation of iDevices is better, I've heard they have better microphones) and something about the tracking algorithm identifies this as non-stop tuning problems.
I play guitar and Yousician is always out of tune to my various tuners. I have a pic showing yousician and two clip on tuners in the same photo.

I know it's not bass, but it sounds like the same problem,


In the latest version of Yousician. After tuning to the clip on tuners it shows as +2 sharp in yousician,
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