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By leahbreanne
Hey guys!

New content is now available for Level 7! There are three new missions on each path for you to play. Here's what you can expect:

Classical Path:
-Two-Hand Coordination: This mission focuses on pieces that require more advanced coordination between your hands
-Natural Signs: Learn to read natural signs and play famous Classical pieces
-Bass Harmony: Start playing different chord combinations in your left hand

Pop Path:
Broken Chords: Use chord notes creatively to play different accompaniment patterns
Need for Speed: Play new chord patterns with fast melodies
Two-Hand Challenge: Learn songs with more complex rhythms and hand coordination

Remember that at this level you should first learn the songs in Practice Mode! Try them hands separately at a slower tempo, and move onto Play or Perform when you feel ready =)
By Mreman69
Finding the pop two hand challenge frustrasting as I keep getting through to the final level and despite getting 3 gold stars it does not let me proceed but tells me try again. You do not get told how many more notes are required unlike previous stages of this challenge. Please can you review and see if it a bug or provide feedback as to why or by how much I keep failing.

By Jeff
I have completed level 6 of the pop sessions ( My Mama didn't raise no fool), it has a check above the star ratings and says 100% in the upper right hand corner but does not unlock level 7. Unfortunately I cannot yet play the challenge successfully to unlock that way. What am I missing?
By Coquiuno
That last update changed my color coding scheme. Now the middle finger and thumb are both blue. Very similar blues. Also, the note recognition seems to have taken a step back. I'm getting a lot of missed notes one octave up from middle C. Hopefully, they'll fix this soon.
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