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By Raphque
After 2,5 months of intensive practice, I've reached level 6 bass. Gold-starred everything (but with mediocre timing).
The path seems to end there...

I know that there's a ton of material in the songs part of Yousician, but no instructions or specific exercises.
I feel however that there's an awful lot left to learn that wasn't even (or barely) touched in the first 6 levels:
- decent pick playing
- slapping & popping
- ghost notes
- slides
- chords, scales, arpeggios
- different genres
- good technique
- ...
More than enough for at least 6 more big levels.

I feel like Yousician turns into a bass karaoke machine once you reach level 6...
This leaves me a bit frustrated and with a lot of questions:
Will there be extra levels before my yearly subscription renews? (If not, I'm not sure I'll renew.)
Any player's advice on how to proceed with learning in a decent way? Without developing bad habits?
By Jeffreyranckdrums
Same thing here.

I'm a professional drummer who has been working on expanding my musicianship with piano and bass. I finally started bass, and literally tested out of everything and got to level 6 in 3 hours. Of course not everything was perfect but I wanted to advance past some basic stuff that I already knew about playing. But in reality, I don't really know how to do much on my own, im just decent at playing along with the tunes.

I emailed the support people and complained that I need more instruction and all they offered was that there's more material coming, but they can't specific when. I pretty much asked to be compensated for the lack of instruction with the instrument I'm working on, and they basically didn't even entertain the idea.
By ylly
I think the bass section needs more work too, but also feel I need to keep up higher standards while practicing playing.
Compared to guitar there is a lot less instructions, and the instructions are not build up, explained in a logical way.
Random phrases are thrown at you without explaining them.
In some songs chord names are added to the notes but there is no lesson on chords, how are we supposed to know what the shape is.
In general the bass section expects more 'exploring on your own' than the guitar lessons do.

One example, I did watch the video on how to mute strings with the fretting hand but didn't get that it was needed because of the harmonic waves or whatever that can set off the other strings. I thought it was just about when accidentally hitting unwanted strings. I learned that from reading YouTube comments on someone's bass review.

Back to higher standards.
I reached level 6 bass using my guitar. This doesn't mean I can actually play bass at that level.
Now that I own a bass I am going over all the lessons again and learning a lot. I want to master a song, not just gold star it.
I think that is what you should aim for too, practice till you own the song, you can feel the rhythm and follow it.
Bass playing involves more than just hitting the note at the right time.
By Seti2k15
I just finished Level 6 as well. Total novice Bass player. Grew up playing a little piano because of my musical family haven't touched it in a long time. Now i'm using the Piano app to fill the music void. But I'm really interested in Bass. Guitar is really difficult for me because of how close the strings are, I struggle with that, that's why I'm trying the Bass. But there's nowhere further to go.
By lesordinari
Wow, so you're saying there's no more content? I feel like I've just begun to learn bass. I was having a ball with this app, then when I got to level 6, I though maybe I hit a bug. Didn't realize that was the end.
I agree that the lessons are pretty scant on content, and as a novice I had trouble following the instructor's demonstrations because his hand movements were so subtle. Also agree that there have been some music theory elements that he skimmed over -- like major vs. minor chords -- that I would have liked to learn more about during these sessions.
Please give us some more stuff to learn!
By neronidis
i own a classical guitar AND a piano, but i really want to expand my knowledge to the bass...i love the instrument.Got to lvl 6 in almost 3 i am trying to fill the void with youtube videos....still waiting for the updated content and i really believe that the new feature "personalized lessons" doesn't help a lot... seems to have wasted money on premium.
By kengleason
Ditto the above.

I'm a long time (and long ago!) bass player, but in the same boat. I bought Yousician for guitar, and I'm really loving that, but I also want to dust off the bass chops. I did get to Level 6 and am going back to kill time, but there is so much more to re-learn.

Hopefully if we keep knocking on this door someone at Yousician will answer... otherwise I for one won't be renewing premium when it expires...
By Colourman
Bump bump.
The reason I bought a yearly subscription(for all instruments) was to learn the bass. After 2 weeks I'd hit the bass ceiling. Thats a bit annoying but I'm sure they'll be updating regularly so no problem. Fast forward to May 2017 and not a thing. I'm just about getting by on the weekly challenges, which are awesome but it must be time for some sort of bass tutorail. Respect due for the Soundgarden tribute. R.I.P. old bucket lungs Cornell.
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