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By billyc33
Can someone tell me where i can view the song list or how you can play any song you want

By nocnyptak
What do you actually mean?

You can use search box in the app (white box in right top corner) to search song by genre or title or keywords or name or username etc. There are thousands (of thousands perhaps) songs in the syllabus. If you explore advanced option you will find filters so you can search for songs with you tube background track or just user uploads or narrow results to certain levels.
By Jörg Hoinkis
So the answer is, sorry there is no list! ...?

If I narrow to a certain level, how can I browse through what is there? Searching means you have to have something in mind, sorry, don’t. I just want to scroll through a list, sorted by date, artist, song title, what ever, maybe no sorting. Just give me a list...

Is there a way?
By cleeebass
This program is great fun but I have to say that the presentation of the songs is the worst implementation ever. There is no way to find anything. They are putting out Premium+ songs now and there's no way that I can find to see what is new. When I open the songs list I get alphabetized list of the songs so I have to waste my time scrolling through a long list of songs and hope to notice something that I had not noticed before. That is poor execution. There needs to be a What's New sorting option that puts all new songs on top of the list or an option to sort by date added. It's very frustrating a clunky to get a new song out for me to play later. Here is what happens:

1 - Spend time scrolling through long list of Premium+ songs.
2 - Find a song I want to try later.
3 - Add it to Favorites.
4 - Have to begin scrolling from the top again because after putting it in favorites it takes me back to the beginning of the list. It's an incredible waste of time to have to do that.

I logged on today and see in the boxes across on the Home page that there are new songs, When you click on See More, it takes you to the alpha list of all songs with no designation of what is recent. So incredibly frustrating. It seems many features that worked well for users are being removed and new features that are poorly implemented are being put in. I don't get that. I love the program, don't get me wrong, but when you only have about 40 minutes to play, having to spend a large chunk of that time scrolling and scrolling to hopefully find something new is really aggravating.
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