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By miemo
It'd been a few weeks since I used Yousician, and boy was the experience wildly different this time around. I tracked back all the weird, confusing & annoying changes to this particular update. The two major issues I have are 1) calibration and 2) color scheme. (I'm on level 5 on Piano if that matters)

Not sure how other people use the app, but at least I pretty much NEED to get my bearings to where to start playing by using the calibration screen. So having this as an automated first step was fantastic. Now I need to take my hands off the keyboard, navigate back & forth with mouse to first do the calibration and do this EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I want to play something. So that's a horrible UX change for me.

Mkay, so first of all: for an app that bases the teaching on color coding, you really should NOT change the color coding like ever. The change alone messes the connection people have already made in their heads about how colors map to fingers. I feel like I can't play anymore at the moment, and need to retrain the basic songs just to get the mappings to my head. So a big step backwards alone from this angle.

Secondly: some of the colors in the new color scheme are really hard to tell from each other. Again something that should be avoided at all costs if color coding is the core of your app.

And thirdly: while this is subjective, I have to say that the new colors are just esthetically very, very unpleasent. While the earlier bold colors felt pretty natural and neutral, the new pastel'esque palette feels like it's ripped off the walls of a childrens hospital. It doesn't feel like an esthetic enviroment I'd like to spend hopefully hours daily in.

While I've been mostly happy with the app previously, and did willingly pay the higher price for the famous songs, I do have to say that these latest changes have me searching for alternative solutions. Yeah, it's that bad.
By kysersosai
After alot of troubleshooting i learned that screen lag can be a result of refresh rate. So i changed my rate from 30hz to 60hz and Yousician is playing without stutter or lag.
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