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By col_jp
On level 6 rhythm, and level 5 lead. It sure seems like its getting very hard to progress. I feel like I need to quit the lead and just do rhythm. The long stretch is hard on the ego. I've been real good about practice for 6 months now and seems like I am hitting a wall. Anyone else feel this way?
I was glad to see they added songs, but I seem to be wandering off to learn strumming songs on YouTube more now. That's what I really wanted to learn. Maybe they could have a lead, rhythm, and strumming missions.
Rant over.
By zoorz
Its normal to run into the feeling that songs are impossible. I had that feeling many many times.
And not to break your heart but it gets harder and harder to advance in the levels ofcourse 😆
But if you continue to play and practise you will get better and forget what was so hard with the song in the first place.
Maybe you need to just play some easier songs for a little bit, get missed silver stars or gold, play a song you played 2 months ago and you will se that you have improved your skills and get some comfident.
Keep at it and you will beat it 👍
There is a Facebook group called "yousician friends" that you can join if you have questions about a particular song, you can ask it there. Tons of helpfull players.
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By joe owens
Currently facing the same wall at 8_Rhythm, 9_Lead... the sage advice from the greater guitar world is to just keep going. The plateaus are there and the #1 killer is to assume that you "should" be making progress (*Why can't I play this...?*) and the reality is that it takes time and the synapses need some actual, real biological time to grow. Then it gets blended in to that "muscle memory" and it is in my experience that some of those Level 6's that I thought were impossible when it took me as month to get past the "Bouree" -- the Canon is harder, (Level 9 - Lead) and Bach is now - relatively - easy peasy.

Nambara is now my nemesis.

By sonicboom1
I've been playing a lot. Like 2 hours a day for a month and entered level 5. Level 4 was very hard for me. Im experiencing level 5 songs difficult to play. Tonight i tried playing little lies by fleetwood mac, a 5 level song, it totally is like way too fast for me....yikes. right now im feeling pretty damn beaten down. It's getting sooooo freakin hard. Some days i hate chords, then the next day i hate lead. This by far the hardest thing i ever tried to learn. It makes me feel stupid.
By mtemps
I was the same way I hit a wall at level 7. I just passed the lead to 8 but still working through the Rythum side. I have probably been level 7 for about 8 or more months. When I was struggling getting the lesson songs I went back and played a bunch of level 6 songs, then level 7 songs. Then when I went back to the lesson side I did much better.

I am not putting an pressure on myself to move up through the levels I am just playing song I like and enjoying and letting the progression come naturally. It’s my way of avoiding frustration.

Keep with it my friend!!
By c8899
Stuck on level 5. Seems to be a big jump from here. I want to keep learning and practising chords and strumming but got slides etc which I’d rather leave til later on on my learning path. Thinking of quitting Yousician and just continuing learning chords on my own.
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By joe owens
Jumped through the hoop to get into Level 9 Rhythm!!!!!

If you plateau or "wall" just go back. Constantly straining on the bleeding edge is not the way to do it. And you don't need to play a an exercise perfectly to get through. Although you should try. If you can get 90% correct practicing with auto-speed-up , you will be able to pass an exercise at 100% tempo. It may chide you, but you're through. And then it gets harder, so careful what you wish for.

If you can't break a piece at a particular tempo... throttle it back a bit and get it nailed. It's like magic.

By sonicboom1
Stuck on lead 7 double stops, the second melody just so fast with so many changes that trip you up. Been playing it like 20 times 40 percent tempo, move to 50 percent. So i do 4, 15 minute practice rounds. That give me an hour practice, then play a song and that's it for my guitar day. Practice 1 hour everyday. The progress really slowed down, sort of hit a wall. Im not going to let it bother me. Just take it slowly. Better that way.
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