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By ys15

Yousician update - version 3.4

Hello fellow Yousicians!

More tunes are heading your way with this update and include songs made famous by:

Please note that some songs are not available for every instrument and territory limitations may apply.

We value your requests on our Song Requests Forum so if you can’t find your favorite song in Yousician, make sure to request it here!

Changes with this update include revised and clearer navigation tabs. Piano users will be happy to hear about redesign of enhanced and colored notation, and piano keys, which improve visibility. You will also notice improvements to standard notation.

Some piano users might have noticed songs in the Dreamy Classics mission playing super fast; they have now been slowed down to normal speed. Revamp of Playback controls in videos make them easier to see, especially if the video has a white background.

The update will be available for PC and Mac on Monday, March 4th, and for Android and iOS a few days later. We hope you will enjoy the new songs and improvements.

Keep on rocking!
Your Yousician team
By nocnyptak
PRACTICE MODE for piano is still hard to use for me: we've been waiting for a loong long time for improvement or customization of color scheme. I can't see any changes.

Ledgers notes are hard to distinguish on dark background. It may be ok for beginners when they only struggle with C and D (treble) or C and B (bass). Using blind mode does not help. Obviously, developers do not play piano on levels beyond lvl 8.

Long time ago they promised different hue around ledger notes but nothing happened. Or another option: it should be easy to make lines a bit thicker or ledger lines a bit longer. A little bit of good will is necessary though.

I am also extremely disappointed that it is is impossible to assign shortcuts on ipad - we've been using shortcuts on windows and android for years so why such omission for ios app? I can't control Yousician with my pedal or keyboard on ipad because shortcuts were not assigned. ANd I don't even mention that we've been nagging for more shortcuts (like adjusting tempo with arrow up/down, browsing song in Practice mode with left/right arrow etc) . How hard is that to assign..?

So I am looking forward to see next update - with a promised fix for midi recognition that didn't make it this week...

Many thanks
By jonn webb
You need to fix the navigation. Removing the song link from the banner makes it so cumbersome to get to your favourites scrolling all over the place. Having the see all option right at the end of the scroll isn't best placed. Needs to be at the beginning of the scroll. Really horrible design decision. :roll:

Really enjoying all the new songs though, just trying to find them that is the problem.
By catherinedub
Thank you for finally fixing the finger colours! I'm surprised it took so long to address (there were A LOT of complaints after you made that change many months ago) but I am happy to have the colours "back". Thank you :)

I agree with some other comments that the removal of the songs link from the main navigation was NOT a good move. It's really annoying now, trying to get to my favourite songs; it is so many clicks. At the very least you should place the full song list option at the beginning of the songs scroll bar rather than at the end. But I'd still prefer if you brought back the songs link to the top of the page as it was a very convenient location.
By cleeebass
The color change ruined the program for me. I play in Enhanced Mode and the new, dark purple color that is used makes it impossible to see what note is written on it because it is too dark. I tried a larger computer screen to no avail. I am a beginner and the notes are moving slowly and I cannot discern B from E from F on the purple color. We are trying to learn here and that learning contains moving targets. Making it harder for us to see what the target says is a huge impediment, not to mention frustrating. It feels like changes are made with no thought given about the adverse effect it will have on the paying customers of the program.

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