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I have recently noticed that the weekly challenge songs either have a lot of the colors used to indicate which finger to play the note with wrong, or that I need to learn why they have indicated the fingers the way they are. Example from this weeks challenge (Luthier Sam, from the Get Funky challenge):
Index finger plays 2nd fret 1st string. Then ring finger plays 3rd fret 1st string, requiring a position change. -> Is this an error or is there a reason to shift to 1st position here? The next note - 3rd fret 2nd string - then requires another position shift for your middle finger to play it. The next fretted note requires another shift to third position. This entire sequence could be played from 2nd position.

Has anyone else noticed these odd fingerings? I though that generally one should stay in the same position unless you need to shift, and that then you would stay in the new position until the music requires you to shift to a new position. Is this true?
I realised this problem as well. I understand that it works to our benefits in some cases, making a smooth transition between 2 positions. But if you refer to lead guitar level 7 "waltzing matilda" it's like the developer's are messing with us. Bump this up. Hope the developer's can solve this soon
No disrespect Julien, but I did a search and there was barely anything on "finger position" .....

I am having the same issues with some songs. I am at very beginning level...and so I emailed them directly about it.
It gave me contradictory instuctions (tip vs what the finger colors show up on the sequence). Its good to know its an algorithm though and not so black and white. I just dont want to teach myself bad habits so i dont know what is good from bad....this is the problem with Yousician....there is no human to ask these questions to make sure you are on the right habit or track.
kyrosteinius wrote:
Sat May 20, 2017 3:17 pm
there is a lot a post about this subject. Please do a quick search before posting.
Searched, didn't find anything. Please link.
kyrosteinius wrote:
Sat May 20, 2017 3:17 pm
the color pattern is made by an algorithm. So, take color as an help to learn the music but not an end.
Since a human makes the song, why dosen't a human review the finger positions? I pay for my subscription and I expect that they will at least try to get it right. Some videos about shifting positions and fingering choices would be appreciated.
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