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By fitzhemingway
As a teacher, I cannot stress how important it is to slow it down. Go as slow as you need it to get almost every note correct. Accuracy is much more important than speed when you are learning! The Auto feature is an amazing tool, so use that to slowly increase your speed.

So block off one part at a time, again, going as slow as needed to get almost all correct, then use Auto to speed up to 100%. When you reach 100, then block off the second part and do the same thing. Do this for every part and when you have completed the whole song like that, only then do you do the entire song, slowing it down to 80-90% and use Auto to get up to 100%. Then Perform and bask in your Rock God glory!
Use this process for every song and it will be easier! And warm up with the previous song or two a couple of times, then stretch your fingers!
By threatmatrix
Yes, It gets progressively harder. That's how the Ap is designed after all ;). And I agree that after level 4-5 it starts to get challenging.
I have found that with any endeavor you hit a wall. What works for me is to switch things up. So for instance if you are stuck at some point in leads go practice scales for a while. Learn the pentatonic, Blues and Mixolydian scales for instance. There are many warm up exercises that I found are helpful (google "guitar tricks warmups"). Think of it this way, You have been trying to get the same synapses to get from A to B by one path for so long that that path is tired, bruised and worn out. By learning something else(similar) you open up new paths to point B and give the old paths time to recover.
IMO it would NOT help to go concentrate on rhythm if you are stuck on leads so just make sure that it is something that requires the same skill.

Also, as some one mentioned, if you haven't already, go back and collect all the gold stars from previous levels. Every minute you spend playing, anything, adds to your experience level. I've read that it takes 20,000 hours to master the guitar - that's 10 years playing 8 hours a day. Few of us will ever be able to invest that much time but the point is practice, practice, practice.
I first picked up the guitar as a teenager and gave it up after a few months. I convinced myself that I just wasn't musical enough, that my fingers were too short etc. So 30 years later I gave it another try. And I learned that if I just kept at it I could learn to play. To think I wasted all those years.

Teachers will tell you to slow down and play every note perfectly. And it's probably good advice when you are stuck. But that's a little less fun and probably why people avoid formal lessons. For me I zoom along as fast as I can. Then when I'm in the mood I'll practice hitting every note perfectly.

With regard to the Ap if you are chasing gold. It seems to me that sometimes no matter how well you play a piece it won't give you every note. I try different guitars and different tone settings and some times that helps. That can be frustrating especially after playing the same piece for hours/days and it being persnickety about a note. It would be helpful if the ap gave feedback as to what was wrong with the note.
By ton kroese
It's harder indeed. I'm at the end of level 6 lead and starting level 6 for rhythm... I'm hopeless at rhythm. What helps for me is to go back. Play some easy songs, work on the basics: muscle memory (why doesn't my finger land on the right spot), memorize chords etc. etc. It's also good for morale to pick up a couple of gold stars or even become #1 ranked for level 1 or 2 songs. When you only try to progress forward you're not really internalizing what you've learned. After a while I skipped the LEARN option and went straight to the next song. Then I realized it' good not just for warm up but also the remember the stuff I learned earlier. Good luck
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By jjyurkovich
I want to echo what others have said and go back and pick up some stars you missed while you were learning. If you've done that, it's perfectly fine to head to YouTube and learn some other songs and techniques. If you don't want to do that for a while, just keep trying and don't give up.

My biggest hurdle as a guitarist early on was that damn F open chord. No matter what, no matter how hard I tried, I could not switch to F from any other chord quickly enough for any song I wanted to play. Specifically the song House of the Rising Sun by the Animals. I gave up for a while, focused on other things for a number of weeks and when I came back to that song, it was somehow surprisingly easier to nail it.
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