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By Mom is the best
:arrow: It truly sucks that Yousician deleted peoples songs and they can not get them back. All the hard work everyone did.

So my question is if you can download a song from Guitar Pro only (must be part of the same company because as you know it cost more money to have Guitar Pro), and you can save it through Yousician and SHARE it, how are others supposed to find the song you shared??? What exactly do you search for if you have no clue what they shared???

Just more money for them. Now they got you paying for two programs in order to make it work. This is not what everyone purchased!!!!!!! :evil: :evil:
By KingGeorg
So let me get this straight. New features are

- No sharing
- need an extra software I don’t have to create songs of my own
- new licensed songs that I might not even like
- I have to pay more for those new songs that I might not even like unconditionally than I already do for premium

Sorry but I’m not quite sure I’m seeing the next big thing here? This is close to a downgrade we likely have to pay more for...
By stringedup
I do not like this update....at all. The only reason I wanted to pay for this service is because I was able to search for songs I wanted to learn on the guitar. Now I can only learn songs from "the Yousicians". The songs may be similar to 'real' songs and thats great, except when you get together with friends or family to play...... No one recognizes these songs. So, whats the purpose of paying for this service now?
By jdherron
Hi Yousician team,

That is bull crap. More than half of my guitar practice time was spent playing those user generated songs. What benefit is there of making those songs private?? Users have the option to make they're songs private if they want to!! I don't understand why you would do that. Those songs were incredibly helpful for me. You can't continue to make us pay the premium price and then start taking away premium features.
By chrisj_skinner
This latest batch of updates reminds me of when I learnt the piano at aged 10.
Learning the 'boring', 'un-inspiring', 'non-motivating' pieces of music - day in a day out having a 'teacher' dictate what I should be playing regardless of my musical interests. Safe to say I stopped playing a year later...

But then along came Yousician a year ago as I took up the guitar, and everything changed. Songs I loved I could actually play along with, whilst breaking it up with some structured learning and skills.

Unfortunately with the latest updates I feel like I'm 10 again....
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By sparkymike1
Mom is the best wrote:
Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:29 am
sparkymike1 wrote:
Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:15 am
This is a really lousy thing to do to this app! I have only been a user for about a month, but had stored up some songs I was hoping to learn and now they are gone! what happened to the "copies" I made when the button tab on the lower right corner would suggest "Save a Copy?" Where did those go? Are they stored somewhere on my device or are they in any way accessible? Reconsidering my subscription now.
They are gone. Yousician has deleted every ones. You can no longer search for a song either. The only thing you can do is play their shit. They are crying copyright issues. If people didn't want their stuff copied than they shouldn't have shared it!!!! Everything good about this program is gone.
Someone should start a Similar site that allows the users to store the songs on their own storage device to be used in the learning an improving process. This is my first visit back to Yousician in two months, I'm not interested in learning the Yousicians creations, although they're ok, the fun was in learning POPULAR AND CLASSIC SONGS! Considering CANCELLATION OF MY SUBSCRIPTION, now, unless they can find a solution to the Copyright and Royalties issue.
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By a4212008
hi guys! maybe someone can share souncloud profile? Let's exchange subscriptions! I am very interested in promoting my profile, I try to improve it in different ways. Recently significantly increased the number of auditions with soundcloudgrow , and I do not want to stop there.
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