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By sonicboom1
They should show the total number of people taking each level challenge. So that when you get your standing position you would then get an idea of how you are doing compared to others taking the test. I have no idea how good of bad I'm doing with the way it's being done. Once in awhile I get that upper 20 percent thing, but I have no idea how many people did the song. :roll:
By marcuse1979
Once you get to that "20% thing", you can estimate the number of participants. If you are position 1000 and upper 20%, then there are at least 5000 participants, if there were less than that, you wouldn't be in the upper 20%.

You also know that, at most, there are 10000 participants, if there more than that, you would be in the upper 10%.


no badge --- number of participants < your rank * 5
upper 20% --- your rank * 5 < number of participants < your rank * 10
upper 10% --- your rank * 10 < number of participants < your rank * 20
upper 5% --- your rank * 20 < number of participants < your rank * 100
upper 1% --- your rank * 100 < number of participants

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