Having problems with subscriptions or payments? Read this first

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By skumppa
Hey, i thought i cancelled my sub 2months ago. Still it is charging me.. I thought yousican was nice at first, but i cancelled it and it is still billing me. Can i get help?
By humancapital6
I'm having the same problem. Unlike most subscription services, yousician binds you to an annual contract, while it looks like your doing Monthly, youre in fact charged for entire year just broken into monthly payments.

I submitted a ticket an hour ago and I'm irate. If it's not cancelled I will get on every social media platform possible to expose this, it's a cheap tactic and honestly I'm appalled. I suggest you all do the same if yousician hasn't cancelled your annual already. Word of mouth is power. Leave reviews, post on Reddit, review on the apple and play store. Expose them for predatory sales tactics. It's really disgusting.
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