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By ngineno9
I've been using the app the last few and am generally happy with my progress. Decided to go the rhythm route from the outset as I thought that would be the more traditional path. Anyway, in the exercises in rhythm while playing Am, E & Em chords, I seem to be hitting a lot of dead notes, not too many but enough for me to be concerned about it. The worst part of this is that while playing, since I'm wearing headphones, I can't hear this, only my computer can (I use the desktop app as it's much easier to see the notes and frets etc on the larger screen.

I'm always getting through the levels with enough points to move on to the next exercise. How important is it that I fix this issue of dead notes? I'm usually very reluctant to move on unless I get perfects every time, but I'm just so frustrated with the dead notes.

To be fair, I'm a heavier fella with short, stubby fingers and the weird thing is that if I hold the guitar ar different angles, I can hit the notes perfect every time (if I select to do the parts of the exercise individually, I usually get top points and 3 gold stars without fail). What's so wrong with my technique or finger placement that I can make improvements to?
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By jackct923
I had issues with that too. Here is what I found to work, go into practice mode first and put it in auto mode. This slows everything down so that you can work on you chord changes too. Once you hit the dead note stop the app. Play the chord string by string, adjusting your fingering so that each string rings out clearly. I play electric so instead of letting my guitar sit on my lap, I started using a guitar strap with the headstock angled up (like classical players) this allowed my fretting had to move more freely on the fingerboard. This wasn't that hard to get use to, and if you look at some famous rock players, they too angle the headstock up instead of level. One last note, I don't use the app through my PC. I use to with a rocksmith cable and had nothing but problems. I switched to a Lenovo Tab 4 (Android). I've posted my setup in two other posts and this works excellent for me. Much better than when I was using my PC and the rocksmith cable.
By anna edgar
With strums ys is very sensitive not just to how you fret the notes but also how your strum them. The D cord often gives dead notes if your strum misses the top e string. Often when strumming the same chord consecutively ys will give 1/4 strums as a red dead even though your fretting fingers are not moving.
I've worked out its actually easier to get greens if you use all down strokes. It makes the whole exercise a bit pointless, cos it's not really teaching poper strumming if you can't use up strokes. But on some songs I can get an easy perfect score with all down strokes, and then play the same song again with down - up and it's asking me if I want to use practice mode. The strums are audible, a recording of the song sounds fine, but the ys app seems to have issues with up strokes especially on rapid strum songs.
The other issue I had early on was the phone mic picked up background noise. I've switched to using pc and I've got a small pickup mic for my acoustic guitar and an irig Hd2 for my electric, and the strum recognition issue cleared up.
But it is awkward playing rapid strum songs with all down strokes, doesn't feel very natural.. But it gets the greens.
By adam annetts
As others said - check your fingering, if youre adamant that you have that correct then get a rig.

If you're playing through an ipad or iphone get an Irig - it plugs straight into the device and therefore doesnt rely on the device listening - which is less accurate.

Also go into settings and calibrate your audio settings - im sure i saw some tweaks you can make that match your amp settings.

But i would certainly go and buy a rig to stop interference.
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