Having difficulties with Yousician Guitar? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By Refractions
Must admit - I thought it was the processing power of my iPad 2, so picked up a cheap iPad 3 from ebay ;) Haven't seen any issues yet.
By DDiceDD
The CPU speed is the same on the IPad 2 and 3 (1 GHz). The iPad 3 does have double the Ram, 1 GB vs. 512 MB for the iPad 2. Maybe points to a memory buffering issue? That is was my suspicion with the original Unity issue. :ugeek:
By matt31084
I will admit the last update was a great improvement and made the songs playable. I still have some minor issues with random glitches, but it's not every song every time. Usually I can just replay the song and not get a glitch or it occurs in a slow part that I can adjust for.
By hojoos
Today I was having the same problem on my pc. Never had the issue before but at some points the screen would skip/pause making it impossible to play along. The song played normally. I have 8 gb Ram, and a digidesign interface so I know that it isn't a local memory issue.

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