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By ahalexhiatt
I’ve been playing for about 6 months now and I have reached level 7 on both lead and rhythm. I cannot get passed these levels. What are some things I could do to build a better foundation to come back and pass these levels?
By Twea
Building up speed is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome with the guitar

There's really no shortcuts around it, you just have to practice practice practice for hours and hours and hours and hours

Practice mode is really good though. It helped me a lot to build up speed.
By 42_42
It's normal. This is what I do when I get "stuck": Go back and try to master EVERY song in the app from Level 1 to 7 (in your case), you´ll be able to see your progress, won't fall into boredom, and with time you'll get better speed and overall technique, which will allow you to go further. So yeah, it's all about practice, if you play everyday, ever day you play better ;)

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