Having difficulties with Yousician Guitar? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By Chelseaclegg
Even though I am connected to the wifi of my home the game is still saying that there is no internet connection. Therefore I'm not be able to download the songs or use the app. Could anyone help?
By p90player
I will assume your laptop is able to surf the internet. What version of Windows, Mac or Linux are you using?
By Beardownman
The same thing here. Use the internet fine even these forums, but Yousician keeps saying internet connection lost. Please connect your device, It is connected to the internet! unable to play along with any songs :(
By Prju68
this is a common problem reported several times on this forum. Better since the last major update but still happens from time to time for me on iOS. Makes no sense when the songs are downloaded each time you play them, why should the app care if there is an internet connection while you play? Very irritating when trying to get that sequence just right.
By andrew.ys.bells
Hi guys, yes, unfortunately there was a number of reports about the issue. The problem occurs quite randomly on some machines, mostly Windows. Would be good to know device model and OS version you are having the issue on. Have you been able to launch the app earlier? Did you start getting the error message after some certain date?
By p90player
FWIW, FIOS in my area (NJ) has been intermittent with packet loss which causes slow surfing and websites not showing up.
This has caused the errors in Yousician and delayed song downloading to sometimes failed downloads.
My problem is not caused by Yousician rather my ISP. I have given the team an idea of how to define the actual issue in Yousician as far as not being able to connect to the internet versus not being able to connect to Yousician servers. I hope they implement that as it will help with diagnostics.
By jpw69
Same thing just started happening to me yesterday. The app updaated on my windows machine and now it continuously says it won't connect to the internet and so I can't use Yousician. Any ideas of what I can do to get back to using the app?
By cfishtx22
Just downloaded and started my journey. App works on my phone but will not work on Microsoft Surface.

Says no internet connection... that's not true, i just downloaded the darn thing.

What can i do to fix this, I'd rather work on my computer/Surrface than a phone.
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