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By robb bennett
Brown Eyed Girl is making me want to smash things. Been stuck on it for about 2 weeks and I practice every day between 30 minutes to an hour. Was moving along well until I hit it. Its tempo, I think for a beginner, is way to fast. I wish I could just skip the song. I LOVE the app. and was seeing progress until BEG!. I practice on 50% and still hard, although I think I would pass the lesson on 50%. I know I'm whining, but was moving along nicely until the brick wall!

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
By Asungo
Well as a more experienced player now I look back at this melody line with a smile, cuz i used to struggle a lot with the previous song, the "Aloha Oe", which in my opinion is way harder than "Brown Eyed Girl". The song isn't that hard, but probably you are frustrated about it because you can't get it right for so long time. What I reccomend is try to go for rythm path for a little variety of your playing, i know it might not be something you want to do right now, since you chose lead (and probably play an electric guitar too!), but down that path there are power chords which sound awesome, and if you add a little bit of distortion, you might just feel like a rock star, even for 5 minutes! After a while come back to this song, your practice on the rythm section will pay off while playing leads trust me! If you really don't wanna touch that road, thinking to yourself that rythm guitar is for losers who would play every day at a campfire singing "Sweet home Alabama" or something, take a few steps back on the lead path, master the songs you already played, and get back to that lovely "Brown Eyed Girl!

Little side note, stop saying about yourself "begginer" and start saying "BeWinner" instead, cuz this is who you are right now. You played so many awesome tunes, take a minute to appreciate that!
By adam annetts
i second what Asungo said - get to Power chords ( level 4 on Rhythm i think) and you'll instantly feel like you're making progress because you'll be able to get that "rock star" sound especially if you're playing through an amp and have some distortion.

Power chords was so much easier than normal chords - that a part of me thinks it should come before some of the cowboy chords.
By Asungo
Hey that's not true at all, power chords ain't that easy. I understand your point though since power chords are essentially two notes played at the same time, and chords like G5 or A5 may be way easier than C Major for example, you have to remember that those are A) quite a stretch for someone who just started, and B) muting that low E string while playing C5 or D5 may be a little hassle. Every guitar teacher would tell you 1st how fretting works, and then he'd be like "ey look at that here's an E minor chord, try holdin' that down while strumming all your strings!" So you wouldn't have to worry which strings have to ring out, and which don't. Again power chords are easy, and quite awesome, but 1st you need to have a basic understanding of what you're doing on your instrument. This is why you learn them after G Major, but before D Major ;)
By robb bennett
Thanks for the replies. My workout section consist of:
1. Warm up on my own: some cords and the Spider.
2. Do a 30 minute "Lead" lesson.
3. Do a 30 minute "Rhythm" lesson.

I was usually pretty consistent with being able to move on to the next stages for both Lead and Rhythm after a couple of days or a week. Now, the Lead lesson is ahead because i've been stuck on BEG for 3 weeks.

My point being, i wish you could skip a song if it's difficult and move on. I know the lessons are set-up to help you move along at a certain pace, i just wish the program would say "Looks like you're having a difficult time with BEG, let's move on to another similar song."
By luckeyluc
Overal the difficulty curve is getting quite fast, I agree with you. but don't expect its easy after BEG.
By pgoll
Dear Everyone,

I struggle with Brown Eyed Girl as well.
My key issue is that regularly I need to play down down/up down strokes.
Especially the up strokes on the G and sometimes on the D chord is not recognized by Yousician.

Probably it's me not playing it correctly but I don't know what I do wrongly. Is it the timing, is just one note which is missing, don't I play all strings?
I just see that the whole chord was not recognized. The down strokes are normally recognized correctly. Does anyone have an idea why I fail doing the up strokes?

Kind Regards
By ClericLapton
This drove me crazy too. I can't remember exactly which transition it was but what I did in the end was I just sat there and practiced a specific set of chord changes for 10-15 minutes several times a day and that nailed it for me.

I think from memory is was the transition to or from D that was killing me. So I just sat there doing G-D-G over and over again until I could do it blindfolded and fast.

Also on the strumming, I find you sometimes need to really hammer it to get yousician to be happy (especially on up strokes).

American Pie is another one like this that drove me nuts in a very similar way - simple, but lots of fast strums and chord changes. I still don't have all the gold stars on that one, but I plan to nail that soon.

Double check your tuning using the yousician tuner also just in case you're slightly off. I always found it's really fussy with some chords.
By pgoll
Many thanks, playing the up strokes a little bit loud seems to solve my problem. The recognition now is much better.
Many thanks for your motivating words.

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