Having difficulties with Yousician Guitar? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By kevin lay1
Hello Guys,

I have two issues im having which are probably user error but I am hoping for some support.

1. When I am doing the lessons, the powerchords show up as E5 for example. Even tho I have them set to "tab mode". When I play songs from the list that same power chord would show up 0/2/x/x/x/x. Same with the full chords. Is this a limitation of the lessons?

2. I am definitely having some issues getting notes recognized. I am using my old Podx3 live as a usb device hooked up to my computer. My guitar is plugged into the PODx3. I have my PA connected to the headphones output. This seemed the only way I could get my guitar sound + the sound from my computer playing through my PA. I played around with the different audio settings. I am seeing about half the bars filling up playing the notes when I am on the audio screen. Alot of the settings I try I will get a delay type sound. I will hear my gear (through my pedal) then probably the playback from the PC with a pretty noticeable delay. I know there are "approved" devices. Howerver I feel like this pedal should do everything I need it to. Maybe I am just not setting it up right for this application.

Its working for most stuff, but when I get into some faster single notes or hammer on stuff I will miss a bunch and I know forsure I hit them bang on. I am an intermediate guitar player. I was playing on some pretty basic stuff for my play level and missing alot of notes I don't think I should have.

I am still on the trial so hopefully i can get this patched up before I make a decision to buy the software.


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