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By dstempke
Ha ha...I'm in the "Brown Eyed Girl" is too fast phase right now. I've been on it for weeks and have 6 gold stars left on it, but I appreciate how much it's challenging me on chord changes. I'm getting there...I'm technically ready for the Level 5 test, but have a ton of gold stars I still need to get, so I'm waiting on it. I go back to Brown Eyed Girl every couple days, but it takes a lot of focus. I've been trying to work on F and Dm, hoping that it'll make going back to BEG seem easy...but not the case, yet.
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By spike_tm
I had some issues of correct playing not being recognized.
- tune the guitar in Yousician
- calibrate the guitar in Yousician before every session
- If you have a direct connection with an amp into your app (PC) turn the volume of the guitar in Yousician all the way down. If not, you can get some crazy feedback
- go gentle on effects, reverb and delay, it will mess up recognition

Most issues I have in Rhytm / strumming where it just throws out upstrums just to annoy me it seems.

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