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By ylly
Better keep piano and guitar issues in separate forum boards.

The difference in tuning with different devices could be due to different mic/soundcard (specification).
By Socarlo
Can't comment on piano.
Guitar tuning is sensitive to the microphone hardware, so it is likely that tuning will vary, and depend on the computer used for tuning

Hope this helps.
By Hoangzune

My problem is the same. Yousician can not recognize D from my acoustic piano. I use with iPhone, iPad, Mac pro, Mac air still same problem.
I just order a keyboard, hope it's can be ok. I want to learn piano by Yousician.

Waiting for a new version is fix from Team Yousician!
Best wishes!
By Vclove22

I'm currently experiencing this problem. My D chord in the Comping 1 isn't being recognized. I've followed the advice to increase my computer input and place my computer near the speakers, but it's not working. I've used my iphone and laptop but both don't work. I love learning from yousician and would love to continue.

Thank you and Best Wishes
By vdavid
Similar problem for me: "Classical Path" / Level 2 / "Two-Hand Training 1" / "Ode To Joy" does not recognize keys D3 and G4 played together.
To be exact, it works about 20% of the time. (I tried about 20 times, it worked about 4 times).

I completed the previous lessons with the same setup (with an okay-quality keyboard, sound output directly sent to my laptop's mic IN), so I don't think it's an external issue.
By quintymcgee
Having the same problem with my MIDI keyboard.
I am currently on the first task of Finger Control for Piano under Classical and when I have to hit the keys one at a time to start the task, it doesn't always recognize them. I've played around with the octaves on my MIDI which has helped before so I am able to get past that and start the task. The real issue is that when I get to a certain point of the task, it just doesn't recognize me playing the notes at all. I've again tried different octaves whilst playing to see if one would take, but so far none have. I know that I am hitting the right notes but for some reason it doesn't recognize me playing them in that one specific bit of the song, which unfortunately means that I can't move forward and continue practicing. (But I have at least mastered this task so that's nice? :roll: )
By PeterGrandcourt
andrew.ys.bells wrote:Hi guys, thanks for your patience! The piano chords recognition issue has been fixed, please let us know if the problem persists. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Hi, it seems this problem is persisting
I am also experiencing the same problem.
I am using the latest version of IPAD app on the latest IOS 9 update.
I am connecting to the IPAD using MIDI

When playing the song Oh Susanna on level 3, Part 4 the two not chord consisting C (below middle C) and the first F above middle C, is consistently not recognised.
Level 3 Song.... part 3, 3rd bar, 4th beat A minor chord comprising E below Middle C, Middle C E and A is never recognised. Yet the exact same chord in the 5th bar, 4th beat is always recognised.

I've seen this in other songs but generally put it down to my bad playing :) but in this song it is clearly a bug.
I hope this can be fixed soon!, I really don't like moving on without my Gold stars...


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