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Hey all Jay here from USA kids all grown, always wanted to learn to play guitar. So I bought a Seagull a yr ago and slowly am teaching myself how to play a few chords. Really enjoy the site.
By carlosivv
Greetings my name is Carlos. I am a mechanical engineer. I always wanted to learn to play guitar but for some reason I never could. Recently I found a music school in my city and I started my guitar lessons. Looking for a good app to learn to play guitar I found yousician. I can say is an excellent app, I love the interface and the way to explain complex concepts in an easy way, besides the tuner is a plus, is one of the best that I have tried. With my guitar lessons and the app I have improve my guitar skills in a tremendous way. It would be great if it could be avalaible in Spanish.

Best regards Carlos.
:geek: Hello all you Yousicians I am a newbie here. I have been fooling around with guitar since I was about 16 or 17.
I am 63 now although, due to my lack of discipline I have yet to become proficient on guitar. So I am hoping this app will help me to improve my skills and proficiency on guitar. I also like playing bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, & flute.
By CalvinCook
Hey, fellow Yousicianers! My name is Calvin, I am 19, and I have been playing guitar for about 5 or 6 years now. I am at the intermediate level. I am a freshman in college, and I started Yousician in mid. March, after I saw an ad on Youtube.

I went to Yousician's website, not knowing that I automatically downloaded the software on my mac, and started using it almost immediately! I am still making progress on level 4.

I really believe that anyone can learn to play the guitar, whether you teach yourself or someone else teaches you. For those of you feeling discouraged, keep trying! I remember how hard it was when I was starting out. :)
Hi everyone,

My name is Rich, I am 42 based in Cheshire, UK, I've had a long desire to learn to play the guitar but no time or discipline to focus on actually accomplishing it. I was browsing YouTube one day (looking at how to play Smells Like Teenspirit) and that inspired me to start... amazingly the very next thing was an advert for Yousician, downloaded it, played with it and I was instantly hooked.

Thanks to the creators, respect to all the contributors (of various levels) and for all the lurkers... jump in, the water is nice

By Galoiwin
Hi Everyone,

I'm Aaron from Cambridgeshire, UK. Been self taught playing for some years, fingerpicking, classical and rock mainly, but found that without some direction I'm just coasting along. Yousician is great for motivating practice and challenging me!
Glad I found it and hope to get to know others on here too :D

Happy Playing!
Hey Calvin thanks for the encouragement. You are starting out young and I can tell you will succeed at playing guitar proficiently. ;)
Hello Jay it's good to meet you and glad to know I am not the only "old" guy here ha ha ha. I hope you have fun learning to play guitar. I have 3 guitars myself, a Bass, Electric, and Acoustic. I used to own a Seagull years ago it is a very nice sounding guitar. I know a few major chords and some minor chords and a few simple songs but that is all. I hope to learn more as I am retired now and can hopefully devote more time to learning. :D :oops: ;)
By jybrd
I'm jybrd, I have tried a couple different ways to learn guitar. Most recent was an o line course with a book. The attempt before that was rocksmith on both playstaiton 3 and playstation 4. Now I have premium here. I'm hoping this is the answer.
By ted.h203
Hey hey everybody. My name is Ted, and I hang out with metal bands doing videos, and taking photos. For the past two years, on tour, and raging I saw that all of them can pick up a guitar and start playing. It inspired me to pick up a guitar and begin teaching myself, and having 9 people i can go to for free one on one lessons.
So, on April 4, 2015 i went to the closest music store, and picked out an acoustic guitar. Got home right away, downloaded the Guitar Tuna (Arnold Voice) app to tune my guitar, and it had a chord library that made it easy to start learning. After a couple hours and sore finger tips on my fret hand, I saw the yousician ad, so i checked out a video, and decided to download the free version. After the one hour lesson I was hooked, and it wasn't enough, so I went premium knowing I would play everyday and have fun learnin.
This application is clever and disguises the learning process as a game which makes it fun. When new techniques come up, or learning chords, there is a video that helps guide you. A couple things i love is with any song/exercise you play, you can put it in practice mode, change the tempo, and pin point parts that you would need improvement such as chord transitioning, and moving around the frets. Another huge plus is that you can import guitar tabs of your favorite songs, guitar exercises, and save them into the app.
I'm going on week three, I remember chords, their shapes, and working on the transitions. I would recommend this for anybody who would like to pick up a guitar. It is a fun, and you can really learn, remember, and apply.
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