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By swami101
So now the new update just loaded tonight and Yousician is crashing again on me like it did 3 weeks ago. This is really frustrating. Last time I went through and checked everything. I finally upgraded to windows 10 and it worked for 3 weeks. Now it is crashed again. Nothing on my computer has changed. Can you please stop sending out buggy updates? I am running Windows 10 with 1 TB HD and 6 GB RAM with 2.7 GHz processor. Video card is Nvidia Ge Force and it is all updated. Thank you. I am emailing tech support the crash notes as well.
By sbergen
Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

The issue you are having is somehow related to graphics drivers: We made a change in which version of DirectX the app uses in the previous update. However, this was causing issues for all Windows 10 users. So far we haven't been getting similar crash reports form others, so could you please try updating your graphics and DirectX drivers? You could also try running the app in compatibility mode (right click the app icon, go to properties) if that doesn't help.

This is an issue we will be looking into: we've already reported a bug to Unity, our game engine provider, regarding the high CPU usage issue. So hopefully we can get a proper fix in place soon.
By rabatavus
Same here. Only this is the first time I had an app crash.
I tried reinstalling nvidia driver, backing to older drivers, didn't work
I have directx 12.0 installed
I tried the compatibility trick windows 8 and 7 and still didn't work
One thing I noticed is the app downloaded updates three times during my attempts today.
By jtpollock
After the latest update whenever i launch the program (PC version, i am on windows 8), it comes up with a message saying the audio system is disabled, and then attempts to log in but nothing happens, it just continues to show the loading symbol but nothing happens. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program and it made no difference. I just bought a premium subscription last week and now i cant use the program at all so i am Pretty F$%#ing frustrated right now. Please can you fix this glitch asap!
By ylly
This is not going to help you, but you scared the h*** out of me mentioning being on Windows 8.

I am on Windows 8 too because for some reason my system won't update to 8.1 and therefor not to 10 either.

Just tested the app and it is working fine for me.
Like I said, it is not solving your issue, but it is not just being on Windows 8 that breaks the system for you.
By jtpollock
Thanks for the feedback anyway. I will continue to hunt through the forums for something useful. The fact that the app starts to log in and just goes into limbo makes me think its a problem with the app itself.
By rhino oʹsh
I too can not get into Yousician on my PC. I am running Windows 10. Has not worked since installing the last upgrade. Works on my i-phone but not on my PC. I have no idea what driver I am using so couldn't try that. Compatability mode did not help at all either. Please resolve soon!
By fxstd2004
Same problem here.
I am running windows 7.
Everything worked fine a week ago but now it won't start.
If i try to start it, the "busy" icon shows for a few seconds, then nothing.
No message popup, no sounds, nothing.
Re-installing the launcher had the same result.
By Hamedhm
Having the same issue here on Win 7. The launcher appears for a second in the list of applications in the task manager and disappears. I tried to remove the app entirely including the local_app directory + registry keys but still the issue exists.
By fxstd2004
i have contacted support, because i have the feeling they are not very active in this forum.
Just installed it on my laptop, works ok, strange.
Again, i tried to re-install on my pc, the launcher puts the icon on the desktop then crashes.

Support just mailed me back: windows 7 no longer supported.
Minimal windows 8.1
Was the answer i feared.

Well, i have postponed the upgrade long enough, time to install windows 10.
After the upgrade i installed yousician again and it works like before.
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