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By RobbyHeadbanger
I love the new bass path. I am currently studying guitar (because bass wasn't available) and would like to upgrade now to play bass too.

Why can't I play any/all instruments with my subscription?
I'm even willing to pay extra for an additional instrument.

By Antmax
From the looks of things if you pay an extra $5 a month for the $15 monthly subscription you get all instruments. Don't know all the details but it seems like a good deal if you own more than one of the supported instruments.
By BrunoC6
Hi RobbyHeadbanger,

Unfortunately Google Play subscriptions can not be automatically upgraded at this moment. Sorry for the inconvenience!

With that being said, you should be able to cancel your subscription, wait for the current billing cycle to end (it will be soon, according to our records) and subscribe to all instruments after that :-)

Hope this helps!
By ryanblumenow
Hi Rob,

I'm having the same difficulty as you. It seems that at the moment there isn't a way to upgrade to the all instruments option if you subscribed via iOS or Android, only if you subscribed via the desktop version. My subscription runs to September (I'm a yearly subscriber) so I hope the good folks at Yousician find a way to remedy this soon! I am making do with the free lesson time for bass right now and continuing with guitar, but would love to open up the all instruments path at the small additional cost. Cancelling my subscription now won't help me until September.

Would it be possible for the folks to let us know if they are working on remedying this problem? I'd really appreciate it if we could find a workaround that doesn't involve month-to-month subscriptions on a separate account (which won't link to my regular account and also would wind up more expensive overall).

Thanks all.

By BrunoC6
Hi Ryan,

You should be able to upgrade with an iOS subscription on the Edit Profile page. There you will see a Subscription tab. Click there and then "Edit Subscription" to upgrade to all instruments.

Your remaining value (for the current billing cycle) will be deducted from the new subscription and you will then have an "all instruments" (Guitar + Piano + Ukuelel + Bass) subscription. Please note this will cancel your ongoing iTunes subscription.

Hope this helps!
By ryanblumenow
Hi Bruno,

Thanks a lot for this info! I was hoping I could upgrade from iOS. Just wanted to check, when you say that this would cancel my ongoing iTunes subscription, do you mean that the yearly subscription would fall away? So I would just be charged for the difference in price between my current subscription (whatever is left) and the all instruments version and a new yearly subscription would start from now?


By BrunoC6
Hi Ryan,

That is correct.

Besides that, the difference resides in the fact that you would stop having an iTunes subscription and would automatically start a new Stripe subscription. We believe this would be great because right now if you wish to cancel you need to go through Apple and follow their guidelines and policies and with a Stripe subscription you can just contact us directly if you have any problem/doubt about your subscription.

It is also easier to upgrade in the future if we launch new instruments or packages that might interest you.

Hope this helps!
By ryanblumenow
Thanks Bruno!

I'd still be editing my profile through iOS though, so would that automatically get me a Stripe account? I'd be going to edit profile through the iOS app. Is that the correct procedure?

Thanks very much for your help, I'm quite excited I can upgrade!
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