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What do you think about the learning curve for the new piano syllabus? (Levels 0-4, April/May 2016)

It feels too steep/difficult.
It feels like a good mix between fun and challenging.
It feels too easy (I am a beginner)
It feels too easy (I am NOT a beginner - or I already played the older piano syllabus which was more difficult)
By leahbreanne
Hello everyone!

We are excited to share some new piano content with you. Some of you may have noticed that we added new content from Levels 0-3 at the end of April. Today we have also published new content for Level 4.

Here are some things that may be helpful to know about the new syllabus:

-We have been paying attention to the feedback on the forums, and the most requested change was too make the learning curve less steep. This is the main goal of the new content. You should hopefully find that you can learn songs and progress in a more relaxed and engaging way.
-Right now the content is mainly songs and trainers, but we will add more videos soon.
-New songs and missions may affect your progress. While you will keep the same Yousician level, you may get "locked out" of some spots. Very sorry for the trouble, but with the content being easier it should not take long to progress from the nearest skill test.
-We want to release new content to you as soon as possible always, but the "old" levels are still the same difficulty. This means that right now, for example, the jump between levels 4 and 5 is quite steep. Know that we are working as fast as possible to get the new levels out to fix the gaps :)

Please add your feedback on the new syllabus in the poll. We know we can always improve in different ways, but this poll is meant to focus specifically on the learning curve for beginners.

Thanks. Hope you enjoy the new syllabus!
By BenMad
I am really confused and pretty upset about what happened when I sat down to practice today. I'm considering going premium because for the last three weeks, one of the nicest parts of my day has been sitting down and practicing gorgeous classical pieces. I remember when I first started using the program a month ago there were a lot of jazzy pieces with voice in the classical section that were very hard and not very rewarding because I didn't feel like I was learning a piano. Then the whole syllabus switched and I started learning and being able to memorize what felt like more legitimate classical pieces. Some of my favorite songs to learn have been the bach aria, the chorale, the mozart minuet and the bach bouree. Then when I logged in today, it took me back to the old, jazzy, folksy syllabus and i sat there for a half hour trying to get back to the old syllabus, totally unable to find it. I do not want to play gymnopedie with some lady singing over it! I want to practice bouree and the like.
Please help me with this problem.
By ArsenalGunn3r
Good evening Leahbreanne-

Ok I'll bite. As having no piano background since 3/12/16, the same day I bought my keyboard and purchased Yousician, I feel I'm just the candidate you are looking to receive feedback from.

Tonight a Yousician advertisement played on my screen bolstering " trusted by 25 million" before I watched a piano cover of Kygo-Firestone on YouTube. My first thought was: they need to add "minus ArsenalGunn3r" in the fine print. Still, after I watched a couple more covers for inspiration, I proceeded to log into Yousician and perfect segments 3,4,5 of a level 4 song I started learning last night. When it loaded I wasn't able to do so as I'm one of the individuals that noticed Yousician locked me out of the spot I was just in less than 24 hours ago. Discouraged, I navigated to the challenges tab. There I found content I've already played while I progressed through levels 0-4 before the late April update. First go at the advanced level 7 challenge song I ranked 73rd. I ranked 73rd because I've learned it before! To consider myself, a beginning pianist, capable of successfully playing a song categorized as advanced is perplexing.
However, that perplexity quickly turned to concern as I'm committed to self educating myself how to play the piano from the instructions Yousician provides me for the next 10 months. Simply put, uniformity is key when learning the piano and Yousician is failing to provide this basic fundamental to its users.

Yousician's growing pains and lacking of an established standard of competencies before progression to a new level are preventing me from being categorized as a customer trusting of Yousician. Because of this, the application is preventing me from being a "Yousician".
By BenMad
You all clearly didn't delete the old stuff. Just put it in as an alternate track and make a note that theres a high learning curve. I'd much prefer to learn real pieces than some fake stuff you guys made up
By Sonman
It's the second time within a few weeks that course contents changed significantly. I'm not so happy about that but perhaps there is no other way at moment.
Nevertheless it is frustrating. In one minute you are happy to try yourself on a really wonderful classical piece and really get challenged, in the next moment you are thrown back to a basic five finger exercise.
By cj785
As a begginer to piano, I played the old sylabus for about a month and was able to climb the ladder up to level 3 during that time. I have to say that it was extremely chalenging, I complained and cursed at the difficulty repeatedly, but when I reached level 3 and was playing a recognisable version of Moonlight Sonata, the sense of achievment was huge. I completely understand why some people would prefer the old sylabus.

But in my opinion the changes were needed and improve the experience significantly for new players, especialy those who are learning to read music for the first time. The learning objectives behind the missions are now clearer but short videos at the begining of each mision would still be very welcome. I am however a little concerned about the level 4/5 transition. Maybe it would be wise to wait for the sylabus to be finalised before continueing further.
By leahbreanne
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm sorry about the lost progress and frustration that the changes may have caused. Unfortunately this is the only way to improve the learning curve since the main request on our forums was improve the experience for beginners, which means new content must be designed from the bottom up.

cj785, I am glad to hear that the new version is not so challenging and feels like an improvement. I understand the concern over the level 4/5 transition, but this will be fixed very soon.

Sonman, I understand that when you work hard at pieces it is frustrating to have them removed or to have to deal with constant changes. In Yousician, piano is a much "younger" instrument than guitar, so we are still in the phase of developing based on user feedback.

Benmad, the Classical pieces you have been practicing will soon be included in the higher levels of the same path. You are correct that you can find them in Songs tab now. The Yousician pieces are designed with an educational purpose in mind, but we also have many public domain pieces in our library. In the new L0-4 content on the Classical path, you will that out of 30 pieces only 5 are Yousician originals. I hope you find more songs you recognize as you continue playing.

ArsenalGunn3r, thank you for the information. It is a challenge to identify exactly what a beginner level should be since our research has been showing many different types of beginning learning experiences, but this is what we based the new syllabus on. I'm not sure what you mean by "uniformity is the key," but if you mean that being consistent when introducing new concepts is important, I very much agree. Each Yousician mission is designed and published only after specific learning objectives have been defined. We will be adding new tutorial videos soon to help make clear the concepts introduced at each level. I hope these changes will improve your experience!
By Aran
I think these changes are good and will make the software more accessible to beginner students.

I had complained in the past about the difficulty of songs like House of the Rising Sun, and I think the changes you have made are addressing these issues.

The learning curve was definitely too uneven for my child, who made some good early progress before hitting a brick wall. My son doesn't have piano lessons during the summer, and I am definitely thinking of switching to the paid Yousician app over the summer. It gives me a lot of confidence in your company to see you addressing problems in the Piano course ... thanks!
By kgzjjffub
I worked (again) trough all the first levels and it seems to me this is a great improvement. Now the learning curve is much smoother and the steps between the exercises are smaller.

Good job!
By leahbreanne
Hi Aran and kgzjjffub,

Thanks for the feedback, and glad to hear these changes have improved the Yousician experience for you.

Please keep us updated on your experience! New level 5 will be coming out soon, so let us know then if the learning curve is still working out well for you :)
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