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By Dudeistmonk
I don't have the most conventional favorite bassists and I tend to play with a pick. When you listen to a lot of grunge and punk that tends to happen.... here is my top 5 favorite bass players. Who are yours?

1. Dee Dee Ramone
2. Krist Novoselic
3. Mike Dirnt
4. Stu Cook
5. Victor Wooten - ok, so Bela Fleck comes through each year and I play a little banjo but each year this guy steals the show. His playing isn't my style but for one magical evening each year the man really expands my horizons.
By Antmax
As a 30+ year Iron Maiden fan I'd have to say Steve Harris.
By Dudeistmonk
Antmax wrote:As a 30+ year Iron Maiden fan I'd have to say Steve Harris.
Put them in the Iron Maiden.... Excellent!!!
By Dudeistmonk
sort of a who's who list of rock bassists there! with a touch of some other genres.
By axeman73
For me it's those who changed the face of the instrument and showed us what was possible.

1. James Jamerson
2. Larry Graham
3. Jaco Pastorius
4. Victor Wooten

You could argue about Victor, but I see Vic as a sort of amalgamation of the first three. A bringing together of all the lessons learned, not to mention that he has to be (if not the most) one of the most dynamic and soulful players we have today. Imho.
By Dudeistmonk
I love Wooten so you will get no arguememt from me. :D
By axeman73
But what if you had to pick just one bassist? (Yeah, I went there. :twisted: ) If you could tell us why.
By got2bjokin
Antmax wrote:As a 30+ year Iron Maiden fan I'd have to say Steve Harris.
A little bit older and totally agree, Steve Harris has always been a favourite. You can also add Cliff Burton in as well.
Going to see Iron Maiden this Thursday, should be another great performance from them :D
By axeman73
I see the thread is more centered around rock bassist, so I'll bite and throw in with the previous poster, and mention Geddy Lee, but to be fair I would say I'm more fond of Rush as a whole. To hear a trio that sound as large as they are is a testament to the level of musicianship each member possesses.
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