Having difficulties with Yousician Ukulele? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By Stephgod
Hi all

A bit of a puzzler, I was playing with the ukulele path on my Mac last night, and when I launched yousician on the iPad just now, it came up with the uke too! It had picked up where i left off, so clearly recognised me. However when the free lesson time ended and I switched to the Premium guitar app, then went back to the settings, ukulele was not available in the drop down (only guitar and piano)

Reading the forum i can see it's not yet available as an app, which makes it totally weird it showed up. Anyone else has experienced that?

By CalvinCook
I had the same issue with my iPhone. I'm sure the people at Yousician are working on the problem. They'll get around to it. It just might not be right away. :)
By djsirena
I primarily use it on my iPad Pro . =)
By albertmitchell1
I started to practice playing the ukulele using your application! Thanks to your team!
But now I want to try playing a real instrument and choose the one that would suit a beginner (me). Maybe you can advise something?
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