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By missmakepeace
+1 on needing a FAMILY PLAN please!! I hope you guys can make this happen soon!! Otherwise we love the app, but not having a family plan is a major drawback.
By olliehogg
+1 from me too on this feature! Allowing a plan that enables different members of the family to record their progress. My 10 and 7 yr olds don’t have their own electronic devices and all of us want to learn the guitar while on lockdown. Since premium is unlimited, a family account could be just access using the same device at different times of day, while tracking each profiles progress. Would suit us well.
By lucho210
I have a 8 years old son who is practicing ukulele, but he want to trace his progress in his own account, not to practice in my account (I'm more advance in that instrument). Same with my daughter who is playing the piano. I would definitely pay if a Family Plan is an alternative.
By cjkent
+1 to a family plan. I have a premium subscription and my family has 2 guitar players, 2 ukelele players and 2 singers. There's no way I'm going to pay for that many subscriptions, but I'd be happy to pay extra so everyone could track their own progress.
By bo_uhlenkamp
Yes, please. I have the same question. I can’t justify setting up multiple accounts and doing so would be a huge pain. The kids want to go back and forth switching who is playing on the same device (like a game). This encourages them to play more. You must have a family plan.
By stefanie1018

My daughter and I both want to learn guitar and I cannot pay for two separate premium accounts.
By gilles cahn
I jump in here and request also a family plan enventhough we would be "only" me and my daughter
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