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By Fleshbits
Tried this out tonight. It made me chuckle how it allowed me to test out and advance to level 3 right off. From what I see on the missions screen there are only 10 levels. Is that correct? If so, I doubt there will be enough content for me.

It says you can import your own songs. How? gp6 tab? How will th backing track work? Can you do this in free mode to try it out or premium only?

I noticed the faster notes were more picky on timing. I think there must be too much latency. It complained I was always late even when my ears said I was spot on each note. I am running it though a MOTU MIcrobook II and my latency according to tests is ~15ms, so maybe the software has some latency when analyzing the incoming audio?

I did like how I could crank up guitar rig along side it and set the app to use my return channel rather than the main input. For some reason it doesn't work with the mic/guitar line in though, only the return...I think it confused the mic line and guitar line since it listed them as one item rather than 2.

A big complaint though is that I have to be administrator. I do all my music and web surfing as a user, like we're supposed to on Windows. App installed to the admin's app data. Click once installer I think. .NET? Should allow to install for all users.
By Renat0
Hi there,

I used to think like you when i first started playing with yousician, just 10 levels, it is going to be piece of cake, and indeed i reached the level 10 as a free member with only 15 minutes of feedback daily in 2 weeks, but know, im totally stuck in a track called burre fro bach, thats big task, and there is more levels too after you complete these 10 i dont know if it is available for free members.
By Renat0
Are you a free member too ? by checks you mean one star rating ?
Right now im in the last track of teacher mission (Eddie rides again), after that will come some chord games and best practices, and nothing else for free members ?? im wondering what else i will get if i pay the 20 bucks to see !, until now all cool, gets you a little bit trapped on the software, it is hard to play something without it but it is addicting and improves the speed and gives fretboard freedom a lot !
By Renat0
I finnaly have reached and completed the last task with at least one star rating (i think it will take a few months to perform the last level tracks with 3 star rating) and indeed there is nothing more, what a big sadness i was anxyous to play more of this addicting tracks for free !

What now ?? if i sign in for a premium account i will get more ? how many tracks ?? how many levels ?? how many tutorials ??
The question remains the same and in the air after 5 posts !

i havent found answer for this question anywhere in the site.
what else i will get in a premium account besides uploading tracks using guitar pro that cost 60 dollars (180 Reais brazilian currency) ? It is a great feature but a software like yousician should have thousands of tunes already uploaded for premium member and sorted by level.

I need an answer to this question before paying the 20 bucks !
By ylly
Maybe I misunderstood but Yousician is not about 'How to get to the last level as fast as you can'.

The idea is to play the first part of a track, get a star, play the next part, til the end.
Play the first part again try to get more stars, play the next part, and so on.
Play the whole song, get three stars (or perfect play) on all parts.

Play other songs, move forward. Then from time to time, go back to the ones you already completed and try to improve your score.

It's a practice tool.
By mlindgren
I'm a premium member. I only see 10 levels. As others have said though, you can add your own songs using Guitar Pro files. The backing tracks seem to work although I've never used GuitarPro (I've only downloaded tabs from the Internet), so I don't know the details.

If you're good enough that you can blast through all 10 levels immediately, then you might not be Yousician's target audience. That said, there's still lots you can do. There are leaderboards for each songs, weekly challenges (also with leaderboards), and the aforementioned ability to import custom tracks. In my opinion, Yousician is a really fun practice tool and I definitely expect to continue using it once I get to level 10.

(If I get to level 10 ;) I'm a noob.)
By JamesNeilson
Hi all, thanks for the questions, our difficulty levels go up to 15, and we're working on missions all the way up to that level now (15 is extremely difficult, as hard as it gets). For now if you're after harder songs there are lots in the Songs section that should give you a serious workout, and there's usually a weekly challenge song above level 10 so there should be a good challenge each week.

Hope that helps! :-)
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