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By srifenbyxp
From the videos, I've seen on youtube and even the support page how the user got to the Song Creator; the UI is completely different from the actual youscian UI. Who, what, when, where, and possibly why can't I find the song creator? The only options you get when you click the + sign under songs is to either upload a .xml or make a collection.


By nocnyptak
Song creator is available only for guitar, bass and ukulele.

By the way, we have unofficial Facebook team piano Yousician group and you can find more active community there.
By KingGeorg
Song creator isn’t anymore even for guitar -.- I haven’t been active in a while but removing songs and features is kind of strange?
By alexch2441
I never tried Song Creator on Yousician, but I used to upload musicxml files for the songs I love and am inspired. Now that feature is gone too.

I complained to Yousician and here is my response in my post (didn't search the topic before posting).

https://app.yousician.com/phpbb3/viewto ... oad#p14974

I think we should have a petition.
By hojoos
Tell me the program that recognizes the song online by the downloaded file or a URL. I have a microphone, I can sing a song, I need to get its name, and then I can find it myself on https://mp3baza.info/ or a similar resource. So far, the problem is that I need to know the name of the song or at least who is performing it. By knowing the artist, I can at least look for the albums for it. Although this, too, can be very long)

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