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By Haiduc32
It reproduces both when practicing guitar and piano. after the app is open for a while the video starts lagging, at start just a bit, and after a while so bad that it's almost unusable. the sound is ok. The only way to get rid of it, is to totally close the app, and re-open it.
iPad Pro 9.7, iOS

Although it's tempting to believe that it's the new version of iOS, the lagging has been for a while even before the iOS update, but it hasn't been that bad. Seems that it gets slower and slower in time.

UPDATE: I've raised a support ticket and received an answer. To summarize, the problem is in the Unity Engine (which is a popular engine for games, and a 3rd party), and the fix should be done by them first. Until that happens, we can only wait.

I've googled a bit and confirmed that there are reports that Unity is slow on iOS 11, but that still doesn't answer why the app was slow (less slow then on 11) even before the update.
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By nocnyptak
Yes, I have this lag too.

I would suggest writing to support and open tech ticket.
By kysersosai
After alot of troubleshooting i learned that screen lag can be a result of refresh rate. So i changed my rate from 30hz to 60hz and Yousician is playing without stutter or lag.
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