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By tvermeilh
Hello mahenou, I'm having the same issue, I'm running debian and I don't want to setup a dual-boot *just* for Yousician, so I want will attempt to make it run in Wine.

I managed to get my hand on the windows installer by digging in the source code of their download page (React), in order to find out what the download link would be for windows users. Turns out everything is done in front end, the function that generates the correct download link is /static/js/helpers.js:get_download_url().

The download url for windows installer is the same as the one for MacOS, but with YousicianSetup.exe instead of Yousician.dmg.

https://d3mzlbmn9ukddk.cloudfront.net/B ... nSetup.exe

Now I will try to spin up a wine environment and see if it works.
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