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By mcjeg
There used to be an option to play along to songs your level, like House of the Rising Sun, and Wish you were here by pink floyd. But now all of those songs have been replaced by Music made by Yousician, which personally I think is dumb, because I enjoyed playing along to those songs.
By cleeebass
I have been wondering if there were Yousician songs removed from this as well. I was away from this program fora year or two and remember there were a few really good songs by them that I'd practice a lot. A few were Irish sounding. One in particular that i liked is now gone. I'm finding many of the Yousician songs to be a little cringeworthy and not really fun to play.

I miss playing along to community stuff too. That was really fun. Shame that things get removed that are popular. I wish in the Songs section they would put some exercises that are not songs. Just finger exercises that you can play over and over again and get used to moving around. I have used the lessons and they are good but there are no straight up finger exercises provided and i really wish there were.
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