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I feel like level 2 of the rhythm guitar track is way too hard, while I'm doing fine at level 2 of the lead guitar track. I get the lead stuff in maybe a couple tries, and I'm spending days on the last song in Cowboy Chords 2: C, Rasta Bots - cowboy chords. I went down to 40% speed, am up to 80% speed, and the automatic speed thing just chose to maintain that 80% speed. (I don't think I'm being overly perfectionist wanting the automatic speed to think I'm doing well enough to go faster than that.)

I feel like the chord stuff starts out too fast / too hard.

Am I the only actual beginner guitar player having this much difficulty with chords, or is this a place the software could use some improvement (more chord exercises that are easier)?

I've gone back and gotten three stars on every other exercise I've done, no problem.

I was elated after doing a day of lead guitar, now I'm pretty demoralized after a couple days beating my head against rhythm guitar. I'm making progress, I'm learning, but it's not fun. Lead guitar was lots of fun.

Will rhythm guitar get fun soon?
I ran into the same problems as you.

At the beginning I was making no progress hence I went back to practice the chords. Before you do this song make sure you can play the chords - try lifting/moving fingers and trying the chord again to ensure you learn the micro adjustments. When you can play a single chord well then you can learn the skill to transition between chords.

Chunk up your weakness and go for incremental improvement - for instance at one point I could not get from C to Em even though it seems simple. Very annoying. After practicing Em on it's own I learnt the finger shape/curl and then went back to the song and got more green. It was after this that I was able to go on.

Persistence/adaptation is key.
Now that there are a few levels between us, and it DOES get more challenging, but in different ways, maybe just concentrate on what is fun. For now. Don't kill your fingers. Chords are more challenging because *duh* more strings are involved and the unnatural skill of making chord shapes is demanding. If you mute strings or buzz with missing the sweet spot on the fretboard, the game will not tolerate much inaccuracy. Another trainer, Steve Stein of GuitarZoom drives down the highway making the chord shapes on the steering wheel while the tunes play on the car system. There is a certain demonic joy he has of describing how this drives his family nuts. But its the only way to start hammering those finger shapes into your head.
B-minor (barred at the second fret) gets interesting transitioning to A-minor (open chord) and back and forth between all the cowboy chords -- and these are staples of rock / blues. You will need them.
I ended up figuring out I accidentally skipped some lessons. Because that's what the software suggested. I didn't realize "take a skill test" meant jumping ahead. I only realized it when I was bored and looking over the skill tree and realized stuff wasn't completed just before it got really hard.

So, I think they should make it more obvious when they're suggesting you jump ahead. And maybe... don't suggest you jump ahead just because you got a high score, if it took you forever to get that high of a score. (I've stopped trying to get high scores the first time I get to a song, and that has helped too.)

The rhythm track hasn't been problematic since then.
I am on Rhythm guitar 2 and on the last song Simple Man that is using G,C,Am chords.

I am stuck here with not ability to play faster then 50%. For month already. Up to this level learning curve was steady, with hard work, I could manage.

This level actually made me quit, and not play at all for few weeks at the time, it is frustrating.

What to do, what to do
Practise practise and practise more 🙂
Thats the only way to get better.
I got a excersise that helped me getting faster with chord changes.
You pick 2 chords that you have a hard time changing betwen, lets say Am to C. Start on Am do one strum, switch to C do one strum repeat over and over for 1min and count how many changes you did.
Do that couple of times per day for a few days and you will se improvments in your chord change speed.
Just be sure that it sounds good when you strum.
Best of luck 🙂👍
I had a tuff time with that same song. I just went over it slow for days. Finely busted through. Im stuck right now on double stop melody lead 7. You get stuck, but pract8ce will bust you through. It can he slow progress and sometimes feels frustrating. But you learn how to play the guitar. Everybody i know that play really good, all say the same thing. Play everyday and you eventually become good.
In my experience, when I'm stuck on a song, I practice it for 10 minutes at a time and usually get "that song" out of the way first Then I go on to practice other songs. I still make progress and this way I don't practice so long on a frustrating song that I get.....well, frustrated :)

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