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One thing that has helped me to keep my enjoyment while enduring a frustrating lesson of strumming is by mixing up my one hour ‘lesson’.

For example I am trying to learn to play The Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Under The Bridge’ (Level 3) from memory. So I have up to verse 1 written down on paper tabs. And at the start of my guitar ‘lesson’ i will play that a few times. That gives me a buzz because I am improving. Then I will do 30 mins of the strumming lessons, and once I have reached my daily goal I will practice ‘Under The Bridge’ a few times but this time playing the whole song in the game.

By mixing it up it helps me to get enjoyment out of it. Because even if I have a bad ‘strumming’ day, i still feel good because i am getting better at ‘Under The Bridge’. My current aim is to be able to play the whole song without looking at tabs or the game.

Also another thing that has helped is by writing down the chords in the song that i am struggling to play. So instead of following along with the scrolling screen i look at what i have wrote down and memorise how the song plays. That saves me time when changing chords. Also practice, practice, practice, once it all clicks it is very satisfying.

I hope that all makes sense :D

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