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Has anyone paid to upgrade the yearly premium+ $180 and the program does not update even after forcestopping the app, uninstalling the app, reinstalling the app. I don't get the famous songs and when I search for a song I get nothing in my search. Simple tunes like Johnny Cash or BB King don't return a search. Please help
I also have a premium account and do not see any premium songs. I also paid for all instruments so that I could get premium songs even though I only play guitar. Today when I logged in I saw the premium songs and was happy but I wanted to do a guided lesson first as I do every day I then went into settings to make sure my audio interface was turned on in the Yousician program and I saw a box labeled enable premium songs so I clicked it and poof when I went back into the home page all of the premium songs were gone. I am so disappointed. I have been paying extra for months for no reason at all

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