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Hello, I have been using Yousician for a year now. I like it and I enjoy playing. I'm 60 years old and am not expecting to get "great" at playing ... heck, I'd settle for so-so!
Anyway, my question has to do with rhythm ... when I see musicians play I always notice that their feet are beating to the rhythm ... my feet don't do that and I can't seem to be able to do that. Does that mean I have no rhythm? Is that something that in order to have any kind of success in music that you need to be able to do?

Thank you in advance for any answers or suggestions!
- Marty
It is difficult to learn this in the beginning! First, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS turn the Metronome on. Second, practice! Before you play the song, listen to it with the Metronome on and practice tapping your foot without playing the guitar a time or two. Then, try it when you are playing. Do this every time and it will become second nature, just like walking and chewing gum!

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