Having difficulties with Yousician Guitar? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
Playing particular passages (over and over again sometimes) and certain notes will not be recognized. The software knows why it rejected the note so is there any way that we can see why. It often sounds perfectly fine to me so I would like to know why it is rejected.
Reasons that I suspect:
1) Simply not heard.
2) Not the right frequency (note) - out of tune for example.
3) Not held long enough.
4) Played too soon or too late.
5) Another note is interfering.
6) Other ?
It's hard to fix when I don't know what's wrong. Sometimes I switch guitars and it will be fixed - even though both are in tune using an electronic tuner.
It's frustrating to keep playing a passage and not know why the software rejects the note. Is there some way to tell why? I suggest an "analyze mode" that records the parameters of each note or even just the note in question. This is my biggest complaint with the Ap.

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