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By jaxsoon
Last year, when moving due to military orders to a remote location with no guitar instructor, we ordered Yousician for my son. About 6 months later he lost interest in guitar for other hobbies so we attempted to cancel our subscription. Apparently you can't do this, and have to subscribe for an entire year.

Predatory business practices at their best. You're a bunch of thieves stealing money from unsuspecting customers. You have been reported to Amazon customer service, shame on you!
By hojoos
Optimization of business processes is used in cases when the enterprise needs to improve its work: reduce costs, cut down the production loop, reduce the number of managerial errors, take urgent measures to overcome the crisis, etc. As a rule, business processes are subject to optimization, as optimization of these processes gives the greatest effect. Most of all, I like the idea of automating managemart the processes.
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