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Hi, I tried the free trial for a few days and I like the app. Now I try to cancel my subscription but it is impossible via Yousician because I don't have the button 'cancel subscription'. When I try via Itunes it says I don't have any abonnement. Please help me to cancel my subscription, I still have a few days to do it..
Hi everyone,

I managed to do it by testing every possibilities. It didn't work on the app nor on my mac nor on my phone. But it worked (I think) by following those steps on my phone :


Thanks to the support team of Yousician. They answered all my questions each time within a day.
I'd like to say that it is not easy to cancel a subscription. I think it is a pity and it took me like an two hours to do it. For those who don't know : when you cancel your free trial, you still have the full access for the time of the trial so my tip would be to cancel the subscription as soon as possible. Then you can enjoy the app with no stress.

Peace everyone

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