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By roxanne gravell
I’m plugged in and playing plenty loud enough but I continually get the message I need to plug in.....the message come with a screen color shift and it’s extremely distractingly. I have almost 1000 hours in on this ap without ever having this problem, I’ve only recently started playing my electric guitar so my volume has only increased. Please fix this....anyone else having this problem?
By zohollin
Hi Yousician,
I agree. This message saying if you are using an electric guitar, please plug it in to an amp is very distracting and annoying. It can come and go in the early part of a song. Please remove this if possible or give us the option not to see it again. Many thanks.
By zohollin
Hi Roxanne/Yousician,
Just tried a few songs and turned the volume on my guitar really low and my background music up, the message has gone. Kudos to Yousician if you have applied this change so quickly. If you have, this is the second time you have done so. Might be worth letting your subscribers know. Wish the IT team I work with could apply a change so quickly. Thank you
By zohollin
Sorry Yousician, the plug in message is back again today. Please help us drop it or select not to see it again.

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