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Hey guys,

I wasn't sure where exactly to put this post because it's an all instruments issue.

So I have an all instruments subscription and I've been gradually collecting all of the instruments and working on them.

Now that I've worked up to level 9 on piano I decided to buy myself a microphone and record some tracks on Yousician with different instruments and then layer them together with some sound recording software.

But then I realised that the songs for different instruments are in different keys!

For example, Abba's "The Winner Takes It All" on piano is in the key of Gflat but on guitar is in the key of G.

There are several songs that are built this way, and I'm just curious as to why?

For this example, detuning the guitar by a single semitone would put both the piano and guitar parts in the same key.

Why wasn't this done instead?

Also, general hello to the forum which I haven't used in a while.

Anyone else on all instruments?
Anyone else tried layering different Yousician instrument tracks?
Success or failure?

Thanks for all your hard work, Yousician team, your app has really enriched my life.
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